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Ramsha Exports started with the idea of making home furnishing products to make a home beautiful. Since then, Ramsha Exports has come a long way as it makes way to become a full-fledged home furnishing manufacturer and exporter around the globe all in-house production with over 300 employees. Leading Manufacturer and Wholesale Supplier of Home Furnishing  Products across the globe.  Ramsha Exports is a Vision and unit of ARS Color globally acclaimed as one of the best colour referencing systems for the Carpet, Home furnishing industries. The business was founded in 2001 since It has been exporting its products to 65 countries around the world. ARS Colors is a member of the British Institute of Interior design, London (BIID) certified by an ISO 9001:2008, Ramsha Exports is engaged in the business of Manufacturing and Exporting of Cushion Covers, Poufs, Kitchen Textiles, Home Furnishing Products and Soft Flooring.


A cushion is a soft bag of some ornamental material, stuffed with wool, hair, feathers, polyester staple fiber, non-woven material, or even paper torn into fragments.


Poufs are a versatile piece of furniture that can tie your room together effortlessly. Poufs are unique in that they are solid, yet soft, and therefore they can be used in a variety of different ways. Poufs can function as a chair, footrest, an additional tabletop, and more depending on where they are located.

Braided Rugs

Braided area rugs, poufs and cushions can be constructed in a variety of different ways including a banded braid construction, cloth braid construction, flat braid construction and yarn braid construction. Banded braid constructions have wide bands of either solid coloured or variegated braids made from predetermined patterns to offer an appealing, thick look. Ramsha Exports have dedicated all in house manufacturing infrastructure to produce all types of braided products in different qualities and sizes with mass quantity.

Digital Printing Unit

Ramsha Exports Digital Printing Unit has the finest sublimation machines to produce digital dye-sublimation printing with stunning color and vibrant detail. 

Screen Printing Unit

Ramsha Exports has an in-house screen printing unit with experienced craftsmen and designer team to create the best quality products. Screen Printed Cotton fabrics that achieve high definition patterns and graphics using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques that print directly on the fabric later that can be used to manufacture Poufs, Cushion Covers, Carpets and other home furnishing products.

Circular Knitting Unit

Circular knitting or knitting in the round, is a form of knitting that creates a seamless tube. Originally, circular knitting was done using a set of four or five double pointed needles.

Table Tufting Unit

Table Tufting Machine. Our machines have high speed with accuracy. They are perfect to cut the fabrics easily in various shapes and sizes as per the requirements of the clients. Our Tufting Machines are extremely durable that render trouble free performance for a longer period of time.

Home Furnshing Unit

Every Ramsha product has a story to tell. And like every good story, it starts with a great idea. What’s ours? We want to make everyday life at home better. That’s why we do thousands of home visits every year to learn more about peoples’ needs and dreams. This is the starting point for every product we design.

Hand Tufted Unit

A Hand-knotted rug, also referred to as Oriental rugs, is a rug that is made by hand on a specialized loom. The process of making a Hand-knotted rug is incredibly taxing. 

Hand Knotted unit

A Hand-knotted rug, also referred to as Oriental rugs, is a rug that is made by hand on a specialized loom. The process of making a Hand-knotted rug is incredibly taxing. Traditionally, hand-knotted rugs are made with a specially designed loom.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Every child has a right to an education!


A school that provides free education to the children of the needy people of our locality. This is an initiative taken by ARS Colors and its group that provides funds and manages a school for the children of our locality that gives them their basic right to be educated. Enrolling about 150 students, the school provides free education, free books, free uniform and also other accessories for studies such as notebooks, stationeries, and school bags which encourage children in continuing the education.


Solar Energy

Manufacturer & Exporter of Customized Carpets and Rugs Bhadohi, At RAMSHA we strongly practice and believe in using our natural resources for our basic needs. India is one of the sun's most favored nations, blessed with about 5,000 TWh of solar isolation every year. To utilize the vast potential of solar energy, we have installed large solar panels which generate about 25 KV of light in 24 hours just by using the sun as its source of energy. The company's most of the electric usage of lights and fans are powered by the solar energy.

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